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GREAT food and generous portions! The BBQ Duck was crispy and delicious. The Special Crispy Chicken was even more crispy and delicious.

- Yelp

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Welcome to MingHin Cuisine
Dim Sum & Fresh Seafood

Holding 250 seats and 6 private party rooms, Ming Hin Cuisine newly came in town in November 2010. Chinese cuisine is known for its variety, and among the different kinds, one of the best is Cantonese food, thus the old saying “Eat in Canton”.

Ming Hin features a long list of authentic Cantonese classics with an equally impressive dim sum line to match. Famous chefs from Canton province stay true to the ingredients’ original taste, especially emphasizing the freshness in seafood.

Complete with contemporary, one-of-a-kind Asian decor, Ming Hin caters to discriminating palates and adventuresome diners looking to spend quality time with friends and family over an inspired meal, or to hold business meetings in a sophisticated place.

In addition to regular dim sum hours until 4pm, check out late night special dim sum from 9:30pm to 2am!


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Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

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